あなたらしい ”唯一の (uni) ” "型 (form)" 、ユニフォームのような一足を届けたいです。 

Born in over 110 lasting soy source maker as a second daughter.

As I grew up, I had interests for oversees influenced by my father loves foreign movies. Then I've started traveling the world. 

Learned international economics in Kinki University in Osaka, and after graduating I started working at travel agency as a sales representative and a tour conductor.
But my desire for creation had increased more than before, so I quit the job and make my decision to move on
making shoes what I've always loved, and I moved to Kobe and learned making shoes methods there.
After graduating the school, returned  home in Ishikawa and start the shoes maker in an old building where my grandfather used as a soy source making place before.

Simple but strong presence.

I hope you can find your own shoes as a "uni" "form" like yourself...